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(1) Molecular structure

(2) Physical and chemical performance
    Full fluorine ether rubber is by the TFE (main chain), PMVE (branched chain) and bridging department elements, it not only has like PTFE as organic high temperature resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion performance (resistant to more than 1600 kinds of chemical corrosion), also have both the rubber elasticity, the 300 when the compression deformation rate just under 50%. Ordinary full fluorine rubber operating temperature range for - 25 ~ 240 rooms, Kalrez ® 7075 high temperature can reach 327 , even when exposed to 316 in the constant temperature of 343 or as such intermittent high temperature environment,Kalrez ® production also won't happen lead to seal failure sclerosis and embrittlement, Kalrez ® and erosion in the fluid dip or direct contact with still maintain its elasticity and resilience can. In fact, Kalrez ® thermal stability are often more than the fluid itself. Full fluorine rubber also has excellent air tightness (resistance to vacuum degree can reach 1.33 x10-7-1.33-8 x10 pa) and high clean sex and resistance to plasma sex, these features in the semiconductor industry application is very extensive. Full fluorine rubber is often used in chemical industry and the corrosive medium suddenly high-temperature applications.
    Kalrez ® for the United States dupont group high performance projectile co., LTD., fluorine rubber products registered trademark. This material can be used in addition to making o-ring outside, also can according to the provisions of the customer to do.

(3) ASpplication
    Kalrez ® seal products have been widely aircraft propulsion system of gas turbine engine manufacturer and industry and shipping industry widely used. Use Kalrez ® military parts. Business and enterprise vehicle includes A - 10, F - 15, B - 2, C - 5, BAe146 and Seth's (Cessna) "certificate of merit" (Citatation) series aircraft.Kalrez ® product is also used in the United States Space Shuttle (Space Shuttle Atlantis), ballistic missile (Titanll, MX), booster rocket (Atlas, thor - dalta) and helicopter engine. In petroleum drilling industry, since 1976, more than 50.000 a Kalrez ® V line ring withstand a lot of bad drilling environment without failure report

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