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(1) Molecular structure

(2) The physical and chemical properties
    Hydrogenated nitrile rubber is through the selectively to the butadiene nitrile rubber base be hydrogenation and get. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber performance depends on the content of ACN (15% 50%) and carbon carbon key saturation. The main characteristics are: heat resistant performance is good, organic peroxide vulcanizing materials in 160 ℃ air can continuous use of 1000 hours, and NBR in 150 ℃ will lose continuous use value;Good oil resistance, resistance to fuel and alcohol group fuel performance are greatly is better than the corresponding NBR and NBR/PVC blend materials; Low temperature resistant performance than the NBR; Resistance to ozone aging properties and resistance to various medium (hot water, acid, alkali, alcohol) outstanding performance. Its mechanical properties are better than the ordinary NBR, with better corrosion resistance, tensile, tensile and compressive deformation characteristics.

(3) Temperature range
    General level: - 40 ~ 150 ℃ (TR10-22 ~ - 24 ℃)
    Low temperature resistant level: - 55 ~ 150 ℃ (TR10-35 ~ - 37 ℃)

(4) Hardness range
    shore A55 to 90 degrees.

(5) Color
    Black, green, blue, brown, red brown, gray, can also be made by the customer to assign the color.

(6) Application
    HNBR are widely used in automobile and refrigeration industry, can be used as engine system seal and other contact fuel oil seal, is also used to make engine synchronous toothed belt, ribbed belt speed V belt ideal material. For ecological environment protection requirement, old freezing medium has been new refrigerant R22 instead. The past can use neoprene or fluorine rubber seal, but in the new refrigerant, for example: R124a, 440 a and 407 c of hydrogenated nitrile rubber also has a very wide range of applications. In the nuclear industry, hydrogenated nitrile rubber because of its resistance to radiation, but also can be used for nuclear power plant of seal.

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