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(1) Molecular structure

(2)The physical and chemical properties
    Fluorine rubber is vinyl fluoride and hexafluoropropylene of copolymer, in the 1950 s to enter the market. The specific gravity as high as 1.85. According to its molecular structure and the inhabitants' houses is different, fluorine rubber chemical resistance and low temperature resistant performance is also different. Fluorine rubber based on the flame retardancy (genus from fire self-extinguishing), excellent air tightness (vacuum degree can reach 1.33 x10-7 ~ 1.33 x10-8 pa), ozone resistance, weather resistance, good aging resistance and wide range of resistance to change is famous for its performance. Using organic peroxide vulcanizing Viton ? products made with more excellent properties.
Our company can provide the dupont Viton ? series of fluorine elastomer manufactured products. Such as general brand (A - TYPE, the inhabitants' houses 66%), medium grade of the inhabitants' houses (B - TYPE, the inhabitants' houses 67-68.5%), high grade of the inhabitants' houses (E - TYPE, GF - TYPE, the inhabitants' houses 70%), low temperature resistant brand (GLT -, GFLT) and resistance to more chemical medium Viton ? ETP. We can also provide has a good acid and alkali of Viton ? TFE/P manufactured products.

(3) Temperature range
    Static seal: - 26 ℃ ~ 232 ℃, short time can reach 275 ℃
    Dynamic seal: 15 ℃ ~ 200 ℃
    GLT:-45℃~ 215℃

(4) Hardness range
    shore A50 degree to 90 degree

(5) Color
    Black, brown, green, white, brownish red, yellow, blue, can also be appointed by the customer color.

(6) Application
    Fluorine rubber seal products, used in automobile, airplane engine when the seal. In the 250 ℃ can be long-term use, very suitable for engine power output shaft seal, it can also be used for engine valve rod seal and cylinder liner seal, clutch seal, air filter seal, fuel pump seal and fuel hose lining rubber, etc. Fluorine rubber seal is the only can make vacuum conditions of use, in 1.33 x10-7 pa the following, other rubber can used to seal, therefore, fluorine rubber in the aerospace field in a wide range of applications.Fluorine rubber can be used for inorganic acid medium seal, in 140 ℃ 67% sulfuric acid, the 70 ℃ under the concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90 ℃ below 30% nitric acid can use for a long time, special formula of fluorine rubber can also be used for wang. Do problem in production industry, can be used for silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, phosphorus oxychloride, etc. 275 ℃ the following medium. Viton ? GLT have more widely used temperature range, and has excellent resistance to HTS type mineral oil corrosion performance, often used in aerospace field. Viton ? ETP has extensive range of chemical resistance, often used in chemical industry fields.

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